Ice Cream Trailer: A New Option for The Cold Drinks Industry

Ice cream trailer is an innovative sales tool for the cold beverage industry, integrating production, storage and sales in one, easy to move. It has an attractive appearance, both beautiful and durable, made of stainless steel or weather-resistant materials, easy to clean and adapt to all weather conditions. Equipped with advanced refrigeration system to maintain the best taste of ice cream. The core ice cream making machine can make a variety of flavors on site to meet customers’ immediate needs.

Ice Cream Trailer

Features of Ice Cream Trailer

  • Versatility: It integrates ice cream machine, beverage machine and refrigerator, and can make various delicacies on site to meet the different needs of customers.
  • Flexibility: It is highly mobile and can be easily parked in crowded areas, covering a wide range of markets.
  • Low-cost investment: Compared with fixed stores, it saves high rent and decoration costs.
  • Efficient operation: It can flexibly respond to market changes, attract customers and increase profits.
  • Beautiful design: Stylish appearance, neat and orderly, attracting customers’ attention.
  • Personalized customization: Provide personalized services to make the vehicle unique and enhance its appeal.


Internal Equipment of Ice Cream Trailer

  1. Ice cream machine: used to make ice cream of various flavors on site, and is one of the essential equipment on the ice cream trailer.
  2. Refrigerator/freezer: used to store ice cream raw materials, semi-finished products and ready-made ice cream products to ensure the freshness and taste of the food.
  3. Storage cabinet/storage space: used to store ice cream raw materials, packaging materials, cleaning supplies and other items to keep the interior of the trailer clean and orderly.
  4. Juicer/beverage machine: if the operator provides drinks such as juice and milkshakes, these equipment are also essential.
  5. Operation table/workbench: provide sufficient operating space to facilitate the operator to make and prepare food.
  6. Lighting equipment: such as LED light strips, spotlights, etc., used to illuminate the sales window and display cabinet to enhance the visual effect and attractiveness of the product.
  7. Cleaning equipment: such as wash basins, disinfection equipment, etc., used to maintain hygiene and safety during food production and sales.

Ice Cream Trailer

The flexibility and convenience of ice cream trailers are the biggest advantages of ice cream food trailers. They are not restricted by geographical location and can be moved to areas with high traffic flow for sales at any time, such as commercial streets, parks, beaches, music festivals, sports events, etc. This flexibility not only brings more sales opportunities to merchants, but also greatly reduces operating costs, allowing start-ups or small merchants to quickly enter the market at a lower cost.


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