3M Square Food Trailer

Length: 300cm

Width: 210cm

Height: 235cm

Interior height: 192cm

Door height and width: 1700*720mm, Special needs can be customized

Window Width: depends on the size of the car, Height: 85cm, Double windows can be customized

Internal Counter Width: 60cm, Height: 85cm. The width of the counters on both sides can be different


Product Category: Square Food Trailer, Food Trailer


The 3m square food trailer attracts attention with its simple and modern design style. The main body of the square food trailer is painted blue, giving people a fresh and hygienic feeling, which is very suitable for mobile catering services. The transparent window design on the roof is unique, which not only enhances the transparency of the vehicle, but also allows customers to peek through the window at the neatness and busyness of the kitchen without entering the vehicle, which increases customers’ trust in food safety.


Square Food Trailer Video


Square Food Trailer Basic Configuration

  1. A trailer system
  2. Standard mechanical brake
  3. Tail lights and tail light connectors
  4. Aluminum anti-skid floor
  5. Stainless steel worktop with sliding door
  6. double pool
  7. Automatic water pump, electric hot water faucet
  8. cashier drawer
  9. Internal lighting tube
  10. floor drain
  11. External power socket
  12. Two 25L buckets
  13. Four general jacks
  14. 8 sockets
  15. Distribution box
  16. General tires
  17. Unless marked as containing stainless steel interior, it is uniformly PVC interior.
  18. Width indicator light*2, height indicator light*7


Application of 3M Square Food Trailer

  1. Street Food and Snacks: In city streets, night markets, bazaars or tourist attractions, mobile food truck trailers provide customers with convenient catering services such as fast food, snacks, drinks, etc.
  2. Event Catering: At large events such as sports events, music festivals, and art exhibitions, food truck trailers provide participants with a variety of catering options.
  3. Corporate Events: In company annual meetings, outdoor team building and other activities, food truck trailers can be used as temporary catering service points to meet the catering needs of employees
  4. Tourism: At tourist attractions or along tourist routes, food truck trailers provide tourists with local specialties and increase the fun of the travel experience
  5. Corporate Brand Promotion: Companies can customize food truck trailers with brand characteristics for brand promotion, product display and customer service activities.


Internal Equipment Display Diagram

3m Square Food Trailer Internal Equipment