5m White Airstream Food Trailer


Material: Stainless steel

Length: 500cm,customizable

Width: 200cm,customizable

Height: 230cm,customizable

Interior height: 192cm,customizable

Door height and width: 1700*720mm, Special needs can be customized

Window Width: depends on the size of the car, Height: 85cm, Double windows can be customized

Internal Counter Width: 60cm, Height: 85cm. The width of the counters on both sides can be different

The standard size of the airstream food trailer is the same as that of the square trailer and can be customized


Product Category: Airstream Food Trailer, Food Trailer


The 5m white airflow dining car not only has an elegant and fashionable appearance, but also integrates advanced catering equipment and creative cuisine, bringing a new dining experience to the public. The appearance of the 5m white airflow dining car is mainly pure white, simple yet noble. The streamlined body design not only reduces wind resistance, but also increases the overall aesthetics. The car body is also decorated with exquisite patterns and lights, which are even more dazzling at night and become a beautiful scenery in the city.

The exterior design of the 5m White Airstream Food Trailer is a testament to elegance and functionality. The trailer’s pristine white hue not only adds a touch of elegance, but also reflects light, making it even more visible during the day. The smooth airflow shape reduces wind resistance and ensures smooth sailing even on windy days.

The interior layout has been carefully planned to maximize space and efficiency. The fully equipped cooking area features professional-grade appliances such as a pizza oven and grill to ensure all dishes are cooked to perfection. The prep area is stocked with fresh ingredients and state-of-the-art tools, allowing chefs to prepare delicious meals on-site.

Storage is another key feature of this trailer. Spacious cabinets and shelves accommodate a variety of ingredients, utensils and equipment, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. This not only improves work flow but also keeps the kitchen environment hygienic and safe.