Aluminum Airstream Food Trailer


Material: Aluminum

3.5m type: 350*210*240cm

4m type: 400*210*240cm

5m type: 500*210*240cm

6m type: 600*210*240cm

7m type: 700*210*240cm

Interior height: 192cm,customizable

Door height and width: 1700*720mm, Special needs can be customized

Window Width: depends on the size of the car, Height: 85cm, Double windows can be customized

Internal Counter Width: 60cm, Height: 85cm. The width of the counters on both sides can be different

The standard size of the airstream food trailer is the same as that of the square trailer and can be customized



The Aluminum Airstream Food Trailer is an iconic and versatile mobile food unit that combines classic design with modern functionality. These trailers are often constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum, offering a sleek and timeless aesthetic.

Aluminum Airstream Food Trailer Video

The Aluminum Airstream Food Trailer interior layout is designed for efficient food preparation and serving, with customizable cooking and serving equipment to accommodate a variety of cuisines. The aluminum Airflow food trailer’s spacious and organized interior allows for a smooth workflow, ensuring seamless food preparation and service.

Aluminum Airstream Food Trailer Features

  • Iconic look
  • Functional interior design
  • Versatility
  • Flexibility
  • Well equipped
  • brand appeal


Internal equipment of Aluminum Airstream Food Trailer

  1. Cooking Equipment: Aluminum Airstream Food Trailers are equipped with cooking equipment tailored to the specific food offerings. This can include grills, fryers, ovens, stovetops, or any other appliances necessary for food preparation.
  2. Food Storage: Adequate storage space for ingredients, utensils, and cooking supplies is integrated into the trailer’s interior design to ensure efficient workflow.
  3. Food Preparation Area: A designated area for food preparation, such as cutting, chopping, and assembly stations, is included to facilitate the creation of dishes.
  4. Serving Counter: A stylish and functional serving counter provides a space for displaying the prepared food, interacting with customers, and processing orders.
  5. Utilities: Access to electricity, water, and drainage, often with built-in sinks and water storage facilities, enables proper sanitation and smooth operation.
  6. Refrigeration: Airstream Food Trailers feature refrigeration units to keep perishable ingredients and beverages fresh.
  7. Customer Service Area: Some trailers may include a designated space for customers to pick up their orders and interact with the serving staff.


Application Aeas

  • Food Truck Business: The Aluminum Airstream Food Trailer can be used as a food truck to serve a wide array of cuisines, ranging from traditional to gourmet offerings, at locations such as events, festivals, and urban street corners.
  • Catering Services: These trailers are ideal for providing catering services at weddings, corporate events, and private parties due to their aesthetic appeal and efficient food preparation capabilities.
  • Pop-Up Food Stand: The Airstream Food Trailer is suitable for pop-up food stands at outdoor markets, fairs, and community gatherings, providing a visually appealing and functional food service environment.
  • Mobile Coffee Shop: With the necessary equipment, an Airstream Food Trailer can be customized to serve as a mobile coffee shop, offering a range of beverages and light snacks.
  • Branding and Marketing: Airstream Food Trailers can be utilized as a promotional tool for food and beverage brands, creating a unique and memorable customer experience at promotional events and product launches.
  • Mobile Retail Space: These trailers can also serve as a trendy mobile retail space, showcasing and selling food products, packaged goods, or merchandise.