White Giant Food Truck


Electrical System

Master switch control box + internal circuit + customized sockets*4 + internal lighting

External power interface + front lighting + tail light

5 batteries (60V, 4000W), charger (can be equipped with a small transformer)


There are many businesses to choose from for electric four-wheelers, such as common clothes, pet shops, etc.

The internal layout is customized according to customer needs, and there is no specific configuration.

If the customer is in the catering business, counter cabinets, water systems, electrical systems, etc. can be provided as standard.


A white giant food truck refers to a large mobile catering facility that is typically used to serve a variety of food options at different locations. These food trucks are usually equipped with kitchen facilities including stoves, ovens, refrigerators and washing facilities to prepare and serve a variety of meals on site. They may offer traditional cuisine, street food, exotic dishes or specialties.

A white exterior generally adds a clean, modern, and professional look to food trucks and can help keep the temperature of the interior space down on hot days. In addition, white food trucks are more visually attractive to customers, especially at night or in dim environments.

Our Electric Food Truck is a sustainable solution for modern mobile dining. Embrace the power of green technology while delighting your customers with delectable cuisine on wheels.


White Giant Food Truck Features

  • Eco-Friendly Operation: Powered by electricity, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability.
  • Silent Operation: Enjoy a quieter environment for food preparation and service.
  • Custom Interior: Thoughtfully designed interior space to accommodate kitchen equipment and optimize workflow.
  • Battery Range: Efficient electric system provides ample range for a day’s operation.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Compatible with standard charging stations for convenient recharging.
  • Branding Flexibility: Exterior branding options to showcase your unique identity.
  • Menu Variety: Easily adapt your menu offerings to cater to diverse tastes.
  • Food Safety: Designed with food safety regulations in mind, ensuring a hygienic environment.
  • Mobile Marketing: Take your brand directly to your customers at events, markets, and popular locations.
  • Sustainable Image: Embrace a sustainable image that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced fuel costs and lower maintenance compared to traditional food trucks.

Giant Food Truck Specifications

  • Size: Varies based on model and customization.
  • Weight: Dependent on design and equipment, typically ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 pounds.
  • Color Options: Customizable exterior color to match your brand.
  • Material: Constructed with durable materials suitable for the food service industry.
  • Interior Layout: Designed for efficient use of space, storage, and equipment placement.
  • Battery Type: Equipped with advanced electric battery technology.
  • Charging Time: Quick charging times for minimal downtime.
  • Safety Features: Fire suppression system, emergency exits, and safety equipment.

Application of White Giant Food Truck

  1. Street Food: The white giant food truck is very suitable for selling food on the streets. Its eye-catching appearance and spacious interior space can attract a large number of customers. From fast food and snacks to ice cream and desserts, all kinds of food can find a place on the truck.
  2. Markets and night markets: In places where people gather, such as markets and night markets, the white giant food truck can become a unique landscape, providing tourists and local residents with a variety of dining options.
  3. Large events: In large events such as sports events, music festivals, and celebrations, the white giant food truck can quickly set up temporary dining areas to provide convenient dining services for participants.
  4. Corporate events: In corporate annual meetings, outdoor development and other activities, food trucks can also provide customized catering services for companies to meet the dietary needs of employees.
  5. Tourism and sightseeing: In tourist attractions, resorts and other places, the white giant food truck can be used as a special dining spot to provide tourists with local specialties and drinks, adding to the richness of the tourism experience.
  6. Construction sites and outdoor operations: For outdoor work sites such as construction sites and mines, food trucks can provide convenient catering services to solve the dietary problems of workers.

Food Truck Benefits

  • Environmentally Responsible: Reduce your carbon footprint with clean, electric-powered operation.
  • Innovative Appeal: Stand out as a pioneer in the mobile dining industry with innovative technology.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with customers directly at local events and gatherings.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline your food preparation and service processes.
  • Branding Opportunity: Use your Electric Food Truck as a mobile billboard for your brand.

Ordering Process

  1. Contact us for pricing and customization options.
  2. Choose your desired features and design elements.
  3. Confirm the design and make a deposit payment.
  4. Your Electric Food Truck will be manufactured to your specifications.
  5. Upon completion, arrange for pickup or delivery and start delighting customers sustainably.

Experience the future of mobile dining with our Electric Food Truck. Harness the power of electric mobility while serving up culinary delights with a conscience.

Step into the grand era of mobile dining with our White Giant Food Truck. Whether it’s a street food festival or a special event, this spacious behemoth of a truck provides an unforgettable stage for your culinary creations.